matières à vivre

Home is where one starts from.
— T.S. Eliot


At Les Filatures, we treasure the idea of living well and making space for beauty in our daily lives. This is why our store is built upon carefully chosen essentials for the home. Textiles, tableware, scarves, scents, decorative touches—these are things that play an important supporting role to life’s routines and contribute to the well-being and familiarity we call home. Each piece we include into our collection is a piece we would be happy to live with ourselves.


There are two recurrent themes in the products we are excited about: Good work and good materials.

We love our work, and we love working with people who love their work. After all, that's how the best things are created. We seek out artisans at home and abroad who are perfectionists because they just can’t help it - suppliers who beam with pride when they speak in enthusiastic detail about their products and the stories behind them. We look forward to the day where  “fair trade” will simply mean common sense business as usual.

Good materials. To us, that means all-natural, because when it comes to comforting, cuddly, indulgent, or inexplicably beautiful, Mother Nature is still ahead of the class. Modern luxury is the return to nature and the touch of a human hand.


Home is our ideas, our choices, all that we hold dear, our place in the world. Our hope is to help you create your story with pieces you'll call your own and cherish for years to come.


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